How can I pay?

All payment are carried out through safe payment systems like PayPal and credit cards. We accept the following payment: - PayPal - credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress) We don't charge any additional fees for electronic payments. PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer cash on delivery.

When can I expect the refund?

The refund time depends on the selected payment agent. If you selected: a) PayPal payment – the time is regulated by PayPal’s regulations from the day of transferring the refund b) Standard bank transfer – up to 7 business days from the day of transferring the refund If 7 business days have passed and you still do not see the refund on your account, please contact us by selecting the “Returns and complaints” section in the form. We will send you the details enabling you to contact PayPal. ...

How can I redo an interrupted payment?

If the payment is interrupted, log in to your automatically created Client Account (https://www.elfisanta.com/account.html), (https://www.elfisanta.com/account.html) find your personalised product and click on the “Pay” button below it. It is also possible to change the payment method.

Payment in a different currency

The fees for the products from the website www.elfisanta.uk (http://www.elfisanta.uk) can only be paid in £ and from www.elfisanta.com (http://www.elfisanta.com)can only be paid in $. It is not possible to pay for orders from a foreign account using a currency conversion option, as it will not be the same price as the purchase price. If the transfer and the order price differ by even by 1p (more or less) the payment will not be credited and will be returned to your bank account. The refund tim...

Payment by bank transfer

Each time an account number is generated and assigned to your order, so account numbers may vary between payments. For this reason, you will not find one account number to send a transfer to on our website. Below you can find steps to generate an account number for your payment: 1. Go to www.elfisanta.uk (http://www.elfisanta.uk) or www.elfisanta.com (https://www.elfisanta.com)and place an order. 2. Choose the “Standard bank transfer” payment method marked with a picture of a pink postal ord...

Only one letter out of several ordered letters has arrived

All letters within the same order are processed on the same working day, but each letter is sent by post separately. It is possible to receive letters with a slight difference in the delivery date (the date depends only on the work of the sorting office and your area postman). We send all letters as priority letters. 99% of letters reach the recipient within 14 business days from the shipment date (in the EU) and within 20 business days from the shipment date (outside the EU). What should you d...

Editing a letter

You can edit the content of your letter only until the payment for the order has been credited. In order to do so, please log in to your Client Account and edit the content or delivery address. ------------------------- Useful information: - Logging in to the Client Account: click here (https://www.elfisanta.uk/account.html) - Changing the password to the Client Account: click here (https://help.elfisanta.com/392981-Changing-your-Client-Account-password-) - Where can I find...

Letter voucher

1. What is a letter voucher? The voucher is place holder for the letter. It enables you to purchase the product immediately and set the personalisation for later (by the end of December at the latest). 2. How does the letter voucher work? After personalising the product on the website and moving to the payment section, you need to enter your voucher code in the grey discount field. After clicking “add” the price for the product will be set to zero. 3. Who can use a voucher? You can giv...

Method of sending the letter

All letters are sent as an unregistered priority letter. For logistical reasons, we do not offer: courier shipping parcel pick-up collective shipping personal collection.

What exactly do I receive when I order a letter from Santa?

- Standard letters are folded into 3 parts - Gold letters (including diplomas) are folded in half. - Each letter will have a postmark of Poczta Polska on the envelope. Check here how it looks like: click here (https://www.elfisanta.com/letter-from-santa.html)

I have provided incomplete or incorrect data to be placed on the envelope

Since we do not verify the data entered by our clients in the order, we will not be able to spot such an error. The letter will be sent to the address you provide in your order. Sometimes during printing, our staff will notice that the address is incomplete. In that case we will try to contact you by e-mail and/or telephone. After three unsuccessful contact attempts, we will send the letter to the address given in your order, even if it is incomplete.

Who sent me a letter?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question. Every client placing an order in our service is guaranteed anonymity. For this reason, we also do not share your personal data with anyone if you place an order.

Letter for a group or two children

The templates of paper letters on the website are dedicated to one single recipient. You can change the content yourself so that it can be adapted to several people. In the case of the Gold letter, please note that the space on the diploma is limited. It can fit up to two names. If the diploma is intended for a group, please enter the name of the group in the “name of the recipient” field at the order placement stage.

Delivery time of the letter

The delivery time of the letter should be counted from the moment the payment is credited (you will receive a separate e-mail from us with the information that we have credited your payment): a) within the EU: up to 14 bussines days from the date of shipment b) shipments outside the EU: up to 20 bussines days from the date of shipment

The letter has arrived, but it contains mistakes

Since we do not read the content of every letter, we do not correct it either. By placing an order, you confirm that you want to receive the letter you sent us. Unfortunately, after paying for the letter, it is not possible to correct it because it goes straight to printing.

No order confirmation

If you have not received an e-mail from us after you had paid for your order, it means that: a) An incorrect e-mail address was provided or the e-mail was entered incorrectly upon the purchase being made. b) You used a different e-mail address when placing your order. c) Our emails sometimes are directed into spam or advertising offers folders. Please check there or type “elfisanta” or “letter from Santa” in the search bar in your e-mail account

The ordered letter is missing

The most common reasons for not receiving a letter: - Incorrect or incomplete recipient data were entered. Make sure that the shipping details of your letter are correct on My Account. - If you have provided the correct shipping details and yet the letter has not arrived in time, please contact us by selecting the “Returns and complaints” section. Please download, fill in and attach the complaint letter. You can download it from our website here: - for the UK: click here (https:// ...