Payment in a different currency

The fees for the products from the website can only be paid in £ and from can only be paid in $.  It is not possible to pay for orders from a foreign account using a currency conversion option, as it will not be the same price as the purchase price. If the transfer and the order price differ by even by 1p (more or less) the payment will not be credited and will be returned to your bank account.

The refund time depends on the selected payment agent. If you selected:

a) PayPal payment – the time is regulated by PayPal’s regulations from the day of transferring the refund

b) Standard bank transfer – up to 7 business days from the day of transferring the refund

If 7 business days have passed and you still do not see the refund on your account, please contact us by selecting the “Returns and complaints” section. We will send you the details enabling you to contact PayPal. The staff of the payment agent will provide you with precise information on the status of the refund.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have nevertheless made a transfer with currency conversion, please contact us by selecting the “Payments” section in the application form. Please attach a proof (in PDF format) that the payment was made. We will try to speed up the refund back to your account.