Only one letter out of several ordered letters has arrived

All letters within the same order are processed on the same working day, but each letter is sent by post separately. It is possible to receive letters with a slight difference in the delivery date (the date depends only on the work of the sorting office and your area postman). We send all letters as priority letters. 99% of letters reach the recipient within 14 business days from the shipment date (in the EU) and within 20 business days from the shipment date (outside the EU).

What should you do if you ordered several letters and only one arrived?

Check the shipment date – in your Client Account, as well as in the e-mail notification, you will find the confirmation of the order completion from Elfi if *14 business days have not yet passed since the shipment date, please wait for the next letters to be delivered if the *14 business day deadline has been exceeded, please contact us and send us a completed withdrawal form scan; for this purpose, please go to: refunds section


* Shipping time:

  • from Poland to Poland: 10 business days
  • Europe : 14 business days
  • outsite Europe: 20 business days