Payment by bank transfer

Each time an account number is generated and assigned to your order, so account numbers may vary between payments. For this reason, you will not find one account number to send a transfer to on our website. Below you can find steps to generate an account number for your payment:

1. Go to  or and place an order.

2. Choose the “Standard bank transfer” payment method marked with a picture of a pink postal order. A PDF with an account number associated with your order will open in your browser.

3. Click on the “pay” button under the placed/purchased product if you have not done so before. Your Client Account will be created automatically. Your e-mail address is your login and your password will be sent automatically (to the same e-mail address you entered during registration). After logging into your Client Account, you can change your password.


Do not change the payment amount. If you send us an amount different from the order amount (smaller or larger, differing even by 1p / 1 cent the payment will not be credited and will be returned to your account.