Can I order a video for two children?

Yes, you just have to select "For a group" option. Click here: (

What’s the difference between single and group versions?

Put simply, although the content is mostly the same, the single version is addressed to one child; the group option is addressed to two or more children.

How can I burn my videos to CD/DVD or other media?

You’ll need a computer with a CD or DVD burner and a blank CD or DVD. Just download the video to your computer, then: - Insert a black disc - Open the CD/DVD disc folder - Drag the video file into the open CD/DVD window - Follow the on-screen instructions ------------------------- useful information: Our videos do not contain subtitles. Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service. All our videos are in .mp4 format. If you need a different format, enter “free video converte...

Can I edit my video after placing an order?

Yes, you can edit your video any time (except for changing the name of a recipient). Just login to your account and press ‘edit’ to change photos and any other information in the video as many times as you’d like.

My child's name is not on the list. What should I do?

Firstly, check if it's not listed in another variation. If it’s not, please add it using the form and we’ll be sure to add it to our database. PLEASE NOTE: Only names are recorded. We do not record surnames, school/pre-school group names or company names. -------------------------

Uploading a video to YouTube

Our videos have a licensed, purchased soundtrack. However, YouTube may block your videos due to copyright infringement. Unfortunately, we have no impact on that. You can try contacting YouTube support and providing them with our email confirming the purchase of the video.

The child's country of residence

In the latest videos, this option is only available when the box “Did your child get the film last year?” is marked with “No”. Even if the recipient has received the video, but you want Santa to say the country of residence again, mark “no”. This option does not affect the rest of the video's plotline. See below how that can be done. -------------------------

Video voucher

1. What is a video voucher? The voucher is a replacement for a video product. It enables you to purchase the product immediately and set the personalisation for later. 2. How does the video voucher work? After personalising the product on the website and moving to the payment section, you need to enter your coupon code in the “discount coupon” field. After clicking on “add”, the price for the product will be set to zero. 3. Who can use a voucher? You can give the voucher to anyone or u...

What photos should be added to the video

Below, you will find a preview of the image fields in the other videos. At the bottom of the page you will find more useful information about photos and videos. How it works: ------------------------- What photos should be added to the other videos? Santa’s Christmas Tree (video for a single child): - insert 3 different photos of the child or the video recipients insert a photo of the child's / video recipient's loved one; there should be only one person in the photo -...

Video delivery time

Your video will be sent to your email even within 2 hours after placing the order, depending on the selected delivery option. This applies to online payments. In the case of traditional bank transfers, the time might be extended to 7 working days. Available options: - Standard Delivery: up to 24h - Express Delivery: up to 6h - Super Express Delivery: up to 2h After this time period, check your email or log into your account ( (https://www.elf...

Video qualities

You can choose one of the three available qualities: - Standard (1200x720) – dedicated for small screens, perfect for a phone - Full HD (1920x1080) – dedicated for standard screens (TVs, tablets, monitors) - 4K (3840x2160) – dedicated for large screens ------------------------- useful information: If you need to change the video format (from .mp4 to other) or reduce the file size, use this website: - for large video files: click here (

The ordered video is missing

If you made a payment 7 business days ago and still have not received a confirmation that your payment had been credited, please contact us by selecting the “Payments” section in the contact form. Please include the payment confirmation and enter your order number. Orders from ( can only be paid in £. and from ( only be paid in $. If you have made a transfer using conversion, we will not receive such a pa...