Video downloading

1. You cannot download the video by clicking on the link from the e-mail:

Check if your e-mail account is not blocking the opening of your browser when you click on the link leading to the external site - the link has expired after the deadline for downloading video from the site

2. No video in the Client Account:

When placing an order, you provide an e-mail address for which a Client Account will be automatically created; if you are placing several orders, make sure that you have not used another e-mail address when placing any of them - logging in to the Client Account through Facebook and logging in through e-mail will create completely different accounts - the order has not been correctly placed - you placed an order on another company's website - you have a code purchased on Groupon or Wowcher and have not used on our website it

3. Downloading video to Apple products:

For Apple-branded phones, computers or tablets, you need a special dedicated software (downloadable on the manufacturer's website) to enable file uploads and downloads. You can find more information here: click here

4. The video's availability on the Elfi platform has expired:

At the end of January each year, all video files are deleted from our servers for security and data protection reasons. Therefore, you will receive reminders (by e-mail, in your Client Account, on the homepage of the portal) to download the video and save it on your own disk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore a particular video file after the specified date.