Video playback

1. The video is not playing:

Update your web browser to the latest version and try to run the online version again. - Make sure you have a working internet connection.

Not sure how to do it? click here

2. The video is not playing after downloading to disk:

Make sure you have a player that contains the codecs required to play the video; we recommend downloading VLC Media Player, a free program - check if the entire file has been downloaded; if the internet connection was interrupted and the full file was not saved, such a video cannot be played

3. Problem with playing the video on other devices (e.g. TV):

Our videos are saved in the .mp4 extension, which is suitable for most modern devices. Please check your equipment requirements.

Example: Your TV needs an .avi extension. Please go on the website and type “free mp4 to avi converter”. Find a website with a free conversion tool and change the file extension.

These are some examples of free converters: