Complaints & Returns

Returning a letter or video

You can return the product without giving any reason within 180 days from the date of crediting the payment by sending us a scan of the withdrawal from the contact and you will receive a 100% of the amount paid. The money will be returned to your account within 14 business days after confirming our acceptance of the complaint. The transfer time depends on the selected payment method and your bank.

How can I return a product?

After completing the complaint form, please send it back through the contact form on our website by selecting the "Complaints and returns” section. In the case of paper letters, please do not send them back to the company address. Download the complaint form: - for the UK: click here ( - for the USA: click here ( ------------------------- useful information: If you are retur...

Products subject to complaint

All of our products can be subject to a complaint if 180 days have not passed since the date of purchase. useful information: If you are returning a code you bought from an agent, please contact them to get a refund: - Groupon: click here (

Complaint process

Refund for purchases made through Elfi website: 1. The client downloads and fills in the complaint form. Click here ( to download the form. 2. The client sends the printout in PDF format through the application form on our website, selecting the “Complaints and returns” section. 3. Elves check the data. If all the fields on the printout have been filled in correctly, they will process the return. This usually takes up...

When can I expect the refund?

The refund time depends on the selected payment agent. If you selected: a) PayPal payment – the time is regulated by PayPal’s regulations from the day of transferring the refund b) standard bank transfer – up to 7 business days from the day of transferring the refund If 7 business days have passed and you still do not see the refund on your account: - find the payment confirmation sent to your e-mail address by PayPal - go to the payment agent website by clicking the link below or ...