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Deleting the account

Log in to your account (, click on “Edit data” (the inscription at the top left) and then on “delete account” . PLEASE NOTE: By deleting your Client Account, you lose access to all products you have purchased. Recovering them will not be possible. By deleting your Client Account you delete all your data from our service.

Privacy Policy

You can find the privacy policy of the Elfi website here: - for the UK: click here (https:// - for the USA: click here (

Terms and conditions of the website

You can find the terms and conditions of the Elfi website here: - for the UK: click here ( - for the USA: click here (


- Our website complies with the GDPR requirements. Your data are completely safe. - You can manage them: add, delete and edit whenever you want. - If your question concerns the GDPR directly, please contact our Data Protection Officer: You can find out more about protecting your data in our Privacy Policy: - for the UK: click here ( - for the USA: click here (

Changing your Client Account password

After you place your order, your Client Account is automatically created. We sent your password to the e-mail address specified in the order. To change the received password: - Go to the website ( or ( - Click on ACCOUNT (Log in) in the upper right hand corner or click here ( - Log in with the password you received in your e-mail. - Click on ACCOUNT again (L...

Unsubscribe from the Newsletter

In order to unsubscribe your e-mail address from our newsletter, click on “Unsubscribe from newsletter” at the bottom of any e-mail from our service or enter your account and change it there in your settings. You can also contact us by using the form on this website. We will send you an e-mail notification about the removal of your e-mail address from our database.

My personal data

Your data is encrypted on our website. Our staff does not see the photos you add in the video (unless you ask us to correct them) and does not read the content of the purchased letters. The correction is only possible at your request.

Where can I find the password to log in?

The password is sent to your e-mail address automatically as soon as you place your order. You can change/recover the password by visiting the website ( or ( and then clicking on the “ACCOUNT (” button in the upper right corner and then clicking on “Forgot password”.

Logging into the Client Account

Go to the website ( or ( and on “ACCOUNT (Log in)” in the upper right corner or click here ( Your login is the e-mail address provided when placing an order. The password is sent automatically as soon as the order is completed.