Phone call from Santa

Do calls to the UK require any extra charges?

Domestic operators may impose additional fees for international calls from Great Britain / Poland to your country. Check the price list with the operator before buying "Call from Santa". The fees chargged by the domestic operator do not constitute the purchase price of the product and cannot be the basis for claims for reimbursement for the "Call from Santa" service, which is part of the "Letter to Santa" video.

How can I give a call from Santa to someone else?

In accordance with our Regulations, by providing someone else's phone number, you declare that you have the right and consent of the owner of that number to use it. In the case of minors, you must have the consent of the child's parent or guardian before providing such a telephone number on the Website. NOTE: It is forbidden to use someone else's phone number without the consent of that person.

Can calls from Santa be made overseas?

Yes, Santa can call anywhere in the world :-) If you want Santa to call in a language other than Polish, purchase the video on the appropriate language page: - in English: ( ( and ( - in German: ( - in Italian: ( - in French: ( - in Portuguese: www.elfi...

Can you provide your own recommendations (and other content)?

At the stage of personalizing your video, you can choose the following content that will appear on the call from Santa: - name (it will be as you indicate in the video), - the recommendation that you choose from the drop-down list in the "Call from Santa" section, - the praise you choose from the drop-down list in the "Call from Santa" section, - checking the option "Did the child write a letter to Santa?" - then Santa will say additional content during the phone call. NOTE: In th...

Can a call from Santa be purchased separately?

Unfortunately not. The call from Santa can only be purchased in a bundle with the latest video, "Letter from Santa".

Is it possible to edit the call from Santa after placing the order?

Yes, you can edit the call from Santa just after paying for the order, even if the purchased video for it is still generating.

Calls from Santa for groups of children.

You can order a Call from Santa for 2, 3 or "over 3" children. To do this, select one of the latest videos "Christmas Kitchen", "Gift Factory" and "Letter to Santa", in the collective version and select the appropriate option - "for 2 children" or "for 3 children" or "over 3 children".

What is the delivery time for calls from Santa?

"Call from Santa" is generated simultaneously with the purchased video and will be available as a telephone service during video delivery. Video Delivery Time: Standard - 24 hours Express - 6 hours Super Express - 2 hours

Can I order a call in addition to a paper letter?

It is not possible to order only a call from Santa as an addition to a paper letter. The call from Santa can only be purchased as an addition to the latest videos.

Can I download or save the call from Santa?

It is not possible to download the "Call from Santa" add-on. The call is a service consisting of a telephone connection of Santa's recording with the telephone number of the indicated addressee. You cannot download or save such a recording.

How do you customize the call from Santa?

How much does a call from Santa cost?

The current price of a call from Santa can be found here: Note: The call from Santa is not a separate product and you cannot purchase it separately. You can buy it only as a bundle with the latest video "Letter from Santa".

Can I order one call from Santa for two children?

Yes, you can order a call from Santa for 2, 3 children or more. You will do it at the stage of selecting the "Call from Santa" video by selecting for how many people the video is to be created.

What is the difference between a single phone call from Santa and the collective version?

In the singular version, Santa will call the child and address him directly, eg "Dear Adam". In the collective version, it depends on the number of recipients. When choosing 2 or 3 addressees, Santa will say their names over the phone. In the case of the option "over 3 children", Mikołaj will address the recipients with the words "Dear children".

Can I return the call from Santa?

Yes, you have 180 days to return each of the purchased products, including the call from Santa. At the time of recognition of the return, the call from will be removed from your Customer Account and you will lose access to calling the service.